Training in Wellness and Productivity

Well-being and productivity

Productivity is the result of the welfare state of a human being. If a person is in a mental or physical health crisis, he will not be able to be productive in his field of work. Therefore, for us, these two areas are linked. ​

What do we teach?

We divide this training into two sections. First, we address the three pillars of a human being’s well-being: his psyche, his bio, and his pneuma (spiritual part), and we explain the habits and critical elements that a person must incorporate into their life to have well-being. In the second section, we teach the three components of productivity: the action prioritization matrix around a personal and corporate mission, practical planning tools, and work methodologies to get the most out of care cycles and brain concentration. ​

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  • Hacemos test de las habilidades​
  • Concursos de conocimiento​
  • Generamos certificados virtuales​
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We have trained the teams of different national, Latin American, and global companies in developing their productivity tied to their well-being.


The complete training, that is, with parts 1 and 2, lasts 6 hours. You can take it in person in a one-day session where the participants will interact and have different practices to implement this knowledge. You can take it as a live webinar where we can divide it into two three-hour or two-hour sessions.​

Yes. You can take only one of the two parts or sections of this training, although we recommend that you address both aspects. If you have a time or budget limitation, we can adjust both themes to the time you need.

Yes. We now have training modalities for groups of at least seven people.

Yes. All our training can be done in Spanish and English in any of our modalities: online course, live webinar, and face-to-face.

Yes. Our consultants can travel anywhere in the world. You can schedule a video call to quote the training according to your needs.