Assertive communication training

Assertive communication and effective presentations

This training is based on neuroscience findings on credibility, empathy, and persuasion to develop assertive communication skills to convey ideas with clarity, empathy, and credibility.

What do we teach?

We teach all aspects of assertive communication, including managing anxiety in public presentations; creating high-impact messages (for sales, reports, and speaking engagements), using the body and voice to convey confidence; and creating high-impact presentations.

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4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating


Of clarity and impact


Sales pitch effectiveness


Decrease in anxiety

  • We test the skills.
  • knowledge contests
  • We generate virtual certificates.
  • Participation dynamics
  • Discourse practice exercises
  • Consultant feedback

Lo que dicen nuestros clientes

We have developed assertive communication skills in more than 3,000 people. We work with multinationals, SMEs, universities, accelerators, startups, and individuals who want to improve communication.

“El taller de comunicación asertiva logra una total transformación del discurso. Puse en práctica lo que aprendí, aplicando el modelo narrativo, la expresión corporal y todo lo demás, y recibí muchas felicitaciones de todos los asistentes al. Evento. ¡Gracias!”​
María Cristina Lara​​
Gerente Seccional Tolima. ​
“Esta es la asesoría que más me ha gustado. Insertando la metodología, explicada por Lina, en los mensajes comerciales, hemos logrado más de un 90% de efectividad”​
Camilo García​
CEO de Cubiq​
“Es un extraordinario programa de comunicación asertiva. Los materiales que manejan son excelentes, así como los apoyos interactivos que permiten tener una visualización y comprensión mucho más amplia. Han permitido un cambio muy positivo en nuestra empresa”
Diana Bermúdez​
Directora de Recursos Humanos. ​


We have coached teams from different national, Latin American, and global companies in developing their assertive communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. In the classroom and webinar mode, we can customize the content to meet the teams’ specific needs. For this, we make a video call where we understand the need to adjust the training.

The digital training includes personalized chats with the consultant from Monday to Friday to resolve doubts about the techniques and skills. In addition, we offer 60-minute personalized virtual consulting to help you build speeches, sales pitches, or special presentations:

The training lasts approximately 4 hours of content, divided into 10-minute lessons. From the moment you register, you will be able to access all the content and download the additional material we provide for 1 month. After this month, access will be closed.

For any modality: digital, face-to-face, or webinar, we can generate digital certificates of participation and completion of the training to be linked on Linkedin.

Yes. We can customize each package. For this, you can schedule a 20-minute exploratory video call at the following link:

Yes. It is one of our specialties. The commercial messages we have built have had over 63% effectiveness in getting meetings with power contacts (senior management contacts). For this, you must purchase a package of 2 consultancies at this link: