Assertive Leadership Training

Assertive leadership

Being an assertive leader implies the development of multiple skills to motivate, coordinate, direct, and positively transform people’s lives. For this reason, we have a set of various training sessions that develop each of the skills necessary for this role.

What do we teach?

We have six training sessions where each critical leadership competency is developed, such as emotional intelligence, meaningful leadership, authority and discipline, effective communication and delegation, planning and time management, and cooperation techniques for teamwork. Each of these workouts is based on neuroscientific findings.​

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  • Hacemos test de las habilidades​
  • Concursos de conocimiento​
  • Generamos certificados virtuales​
  • Dinámicas de participación​
  • Ejercicios de de práctica​
  • Feedback del consultor​

What our clients say

We have trained, advised, and accompanied multinationals, SMEs, startups, and individuals in strengthening their assertive leadership.​

“Los cursos de liderazgo me parecieron muy interesantes. Particularmente, el de Inteligencia emocional me pareció espectacular. Es muy claro y con una aplicación fácil, práctica e inmediata”
Silvana Bernal
Gerencia Barranquilla​
“Me encantó el curso de Inteligencia Emocional. Es impresionante cómo identificando el tipo de temperamento y  haciendo un esfuerzo por aplicar los pasos, se logran cambios impresionantes” 
Camila Quintero
Vicepresidente legal.​
Ashmore CAF-AM​
 “Excelente experiencia. Recomiendo los cursos de liderazgo al 100%. Son contundentes y prácticos. Me encantó la disponibilidad y dedicación de Lina con las inquietudes de los participantes”
Diana Bermúdez​
Directora de Recursos Humanos. ​


We have coached teams from different national, Latin American, and global companies in developing their assertive communication skills.


Yes. The client can decide the themes he wants to give to his work team, according to the skills and competencies he intends to strengthen, and you can choose the modalities you wish to each. To make a tailor-made plan, schedule an exploratory video call.​

Yes. You can take the topics where we offer the online course modality that also gives you private access to our consultant Lina García. This modality is available for emotional intelligence, communication and delegation, authority and discipline, and purposeful leadership. Each has an average duration of 2 to 3 hours, and you have access for one (1) month from the moment you register.​

Yes. You can choose the mix you want. For example, we can start with face-to-face training that gives the broadest concepts and then go deeper with digital training. To make a tailor-made plan, schedule an exploratory video call.​

The digital training includes a personalized chat with the consultant from Monday to Friday to answer any questions about the techniques and skills. Additionally, we offer personalized 60-minute virtual consultations to provide personalized and specialized consultation. To make a tailor-made plan, schedule an exploratory video call.

It depends since you can choose a single theme, or you can do the leadership plan that includes the development of all skills. A single theme can last between 2 to 6 hours, depending on the theme and the modality chosen; while developing the entire leadership program can last from 3 to 6 months, which will depend on how many skills you want to develop per month.​