Scientific B2B Sales MethodologySmart Sales Process

Our Smart Sales Process methodology teaches the end-to-end process to identify potential customers and lead them to close sales. It has helped our clients increase their sales by 23%, increase their Win Rate by 55% and decrease their sales cycles by 33%.​

Why are we so effective?

​Because Smart Sales Process is not an invention but the discovery of business practices that have worked in more than 95% of cases to do business between companies. Being an objective, standardized, and measurable process, the company obtains control of the sale and can indicate to its sales representatives step by step to meet their commercial goals. ​

How does our teaching methodology work?

​The training in the entire process lasts approximately 20 hours, which we have divided into 10-minute lessons to make it easy to understand, remember and apply (microlearning method). Our training is asynchronous, with access 24 hours a day from anywhere and from any device with access to Google Chrome so that it adjusts to each person’s preferred schedule. Additionally, our training includes unlimited access to the consultant to answer questions and get feedback from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm through chat and direct and personalized WhatsApp to provide one-on-one support.

What are the advantages of this teaching methodology?

​The microlearning methodology increases the appropriation of knowledge by 63% because it allows lessons to be repeated, easily understood, and put into practice more immediately. It does not occupy the productive time of the sales representatives, and the personalized access to the consultant allows for solving doubts in real time, asking for recommendations, or requesting feedback on the progress that is being obtained.

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Sales increase​


increase in Win Rate


Decreased sales cycle

  • Digital training
  • Access from anywhere
  • downloadable materials
  • 24/7 asynchronous access
  • Microlearning methodology
  • Access on any device with Google Chrome
  • Access for one month
  • Digital certificate
  • Direct chat with a consultant in real-time from Monday to Friday.​

What our clients say

We have trained, advised, and accompanied multinationals, SMEs, and B2B startups in strengthening their business process.​

“I really liked the process and structure of your sales training. Knowing what points are important in each phase has generated a lot of value for us.”
Laura Velásquez​
Co-fundadora de Arkángel AI​
“It gave us a detailed and measured knowledge of each phase of the process. In addition, it helped us to have more assertive communication with our clients.”
Daniela Lineros​
Co-fundadora de Licify​
“It helped us increase our Win Rate from 17% to 53% and optimized our sales cycle. It also helped us improve our value proposition.”​
Diego Marín​
Gerente General HGS Heinsohn​


Yes, as long as it is framed in a B2B (Business to Business) segment. We have worked with multiple business sectors, such as law firms and specialized services, technology, telecommunications, health, free zones, marketing and advertising, and construction.​

Yes. The first phase of this process, commercial planning, makes it possible to objectively identify all the sectors and geographic territories where there are clients with a high market potential to focus the commercial effort on companies with a high probability of sale.​

The training includes a personalized chat with the consultant from Monday to Friday to resolve any questions about the steps to apply in each phase. Additionally, we offer one-on-one 60-minute virtual coaching to help you finalize a specific action, like the sales pitch. You can see the value of these consultancies at the following link:​

The training lasts approximately 20 hours of content, divided into 10-minute lessons. From the moment you register, you can access all the content for one month and download the additional material we offer you. After this month, you can renew your access by paying one more month of subscription.

Yes. When you complete all the course lessons, you will receive a certificate that you can download from your account. To strengthen your profile, you can publish this certificate on Linkedin within the courses section.

The complete training in Smart Sales Process has a value of 134 USD per person. You can also train only in the phases of your preference that have individual value. You can find out about it by clicking on the button for each phase of interest at the top of this page.​

Yes. We can assemble the package of your choice. For this, you can schedule a 20-minute exploratory video call at the following link:​

Yes. In fact, it’s one of our specialties. The commercial messages we have built have been more than 63% effective in getting meetings with power contacts (contacts from senior management). For this, you must purchase a package of 2 consultancies at this link:

Our clients in Smart Sales Processes

We are the commercial advisors of essential start-up accelerators in Latin America, and we have implemented this commercial methodology in multiple sectors of the B2B industry. This process applies to companies with complex services (non-transactional) and whose sale is consultative; that is, it requires strategic contact with potential customers.