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We position your profile on Linkedin

A well-managed LinkedIn profile contributes to the positioning of the personal or corporate brand you represent, increasing your market potential, as it allows you to extend your network of strategic contacts in senior management, improve your appearance in searches and increase your followers to become a reference in the industry and role.

In addition, a well-positioned profile is preferred ten times more by Head Hunters since today it is a mandatory parameter to be considered for key positions within organizations.

How does our service work?

For 124 USD per month, we strategically manage your profile, identifying the companies that interest you, increasing the network of top management contacts in these companies, and creating daily publications of high value for your audience. We design the content strategy based on the most valuable topics for your industry, using neuroscientific communication techniques. In addition, we will send you management and results reports every month.

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We have managed the personal and corporate profiles of the following companies.

What our clients say

“My profile management service increased my strategic network of contacts by 244 in two months to open up business opportunities in the construction sector and increased my followers by 33%.”
Daniel Diaz
“I set up my LinkedIn profile with the recommendations from the training, and so far, I managed to connect with three potential clients in one week.”
Carlos Arrieta
Business Developer
My Package
“I have come to understand that there is a guide to achieving business success on LinkedIn, and it is a set of actions, with consistency, that put us in the circle of power contacts to which we want to belong.”
Paola Farina
Business Developer
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Our LinkedIn account management service has a minimum subscription of three months, but you pay for the service monthly. To subscribe, we send you a service order signed by both parties, where you will find the link to subscribe. The payment of this service requires the registration of a credit card from which we debit the payment each month. Once the quarter has expired, you can pause the service with an e-mail notification, but if you wish to continue, the service will be automatically renewed.

We schedule a free initial video call to confirm the services you wish to take. Once we formalize the purchase of the service, we design a 1 hour Kick Off meeting where we ask you questions to parameterize the content and contact search strategies.

Of course, it is. In fact, in most cases, we manage both personal and corporate accounts so that the strategy has a better result; since the corporate account is the face of the company in the network and it is vital that it has visibility, a high number of followers and generates credibility; and from the personal accounts is that we develop crucial contacts, and increase the visibility of the people who will enter into communication with that network of contacts to open business opportunities.

Yes, and for each of them, we will generate a customized content strategy and a network growth strategy according to their segment of most significant interest.

Yes. We have tiered rates depending on the volume of profiles we manage. You can schedule a video call to learn more.